Want to increase your turnover? Appeal to your client�s emotions

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Want to increase your turnover? Appeal to your client�s emotions

Humans are driven by their emotions – particularly when it comes to purchasing decisions. That’s why the best marketing is aimed at clients’ hearts, not their heads. 

Here’s how to do that in your content marketing:  


Be genuine 

We respond best to content that we can relate to on a personal level. 

By being open about your own feelings and experiences, you can create a much deeper emotional connection with your prospective clients.

For example, a buyer’s agent can write about their own bad experience in buying the wrong investment property and how they started the business to help their clients not make the same mistake.

If you want content that sounds genuine, ask Hunter & Scribe to edit or rewrite it.


Tell a story 

Narratives tend to be more memorable than a list of facts and figures. By all means, provide the data to back up what you’re saying, but don’t forget how compelling a great marketing story can be.  

For example, if you run a non-bank lender, instead of telling people you granted a home loan to a client who had been turned down by five other lenders, tell her story: 

Sally had come from a challenging background: a failed marriage and debts run up by her ex. The little house on Cloverly Street was her chance to start over, but nobody would give her a home loan. We listened to Sally’s story, saw that the debts were historic, that she had a stable job and had kept up with her current debt repayments, and approved her home loan application. Sally is now settled in her new home. We helped Sally and we can help you too.

Hunter & Scribe can help you tell your clients’ stories too. Whether it’s an emotional story or a case study, we can bring it to life.


Show what’s in it for them

People are driven by three basic instincts – to feel safe, attractive and accepted. So use this in your writing.

For example, a financial adviser can emphasise that their clients will feel safer if they have retirement savings, or emphasise the safety aspect of a low-risk investment.

A real estate agent can emphasise that a property is stunning and people will be jealous of you if you live in such an attractive home.

A lender can emphasise that by offering you a preferential interest rate, you’re accepted into an elite club of Australians with excellent credit scores.

Need compelling writing that will make your readers feel safe, secure and attractive? Ask Hunter & Scribe to write reader-focused content for you.


Invite the reader to get involved 

People love voicing their opinions online. 

Whether you conduct a poll, provide a survey or ask for feedback, give your readers a platform to share their thoughts. This makes them feel appreciated and part of a community – yours. It could create a personal connection between your readers and your business.

But make it easy for them to participate. For example, if you ask questions on social media, people who are already logged in can quickly type an answer.

Now it’s your turn to get involved. Contact us to discuss your content writing needs.

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