A five-step plan for real estate agents to market their businesses on LinkedIn

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A five-step plan for real estate agents to market their businesses on LinkedIn

One of the most important rules of business is to hang out wherever your clients hang out and right now that appears to be LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn says more than 12 million Australians are active on their platform. Based on the June 2022 population statistics released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are about 26 million Australians, 16.5 million of which are between the ages of 20 and 70. So more than 70% of Australian adults could be using LinkedIn.

The key for real estate agents to market their business successfully on LinkedIn is to follow this proven five-step formula: 


1. Create a solid company profile

  • Add a banner image and profile picture
  • Explain what your business does, focusing on your point of difference, such as your track record or personal touch
  • List your specialties, such as holiday homes or high-end properties
  • Include a link to your website


2. Publish one written post every weekday 

  • Focus on quality rather than length (a 75-word post is fine)
  • Make posts educational, not salesy (answer questions, offer advice, bust myths)
  • Make them evergreen (not time-sensitive)
  • Recycle old content – there’s nothing wrong with republishing 260 high-quality evergreen posts (i.e. one for every weekday) year after year

For example, you could publish evergreen posts on:

  • Staging your home
  • The pros and cons of selling your home at auction 
  • The pros and cons of a private treaty sale
  • The pros and cons of selling your home off-market
  • The pros and cons of spending extra on marketing
  • What inspections you need to conduct as a buyer
  • What conditions you could offer as a buyer
  • How to know if it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market
  • How the conveyancing process works
  • The difference between good and bad real estate agents

This is only 10 topics, but you could write multiple posts on each topic. For example, you could have one post on the pros and another on the cons. Or you could break out the multiple inspections conducted by buyers into multiple posts.

An even easier way to get the 260 posts is to ask Hunter & Scribe to write the social media posts for you. We specialise in the property and finance industry, so we understand your business. 

For more variety, you could switch out some of your evergreen content with property news. For example, you could ask Hunter & Scribe to write two posts on property news and three on evergreen content every week. Eventually, you could repeat the evergreen content and would only need two posts on the property market per week. 


3. Publish one video post a week

Publish a video highlighting a property for sale, once a week. Show the most important features in the first 10 seconds, because thereafter viewer attention starts to drop. LinkedIn says people only watch for about 30 seconds in total.

You could also talk about one of your evergreen or newsworthy posts. 

Once you have about a year’s worth of educational and evergreen videos, you can keep republishing them.


4. Add impact to your posts 

  • Use relevant industry hashtags (no more than five per post)
  • Tag clients, referral partners and influencers when appropriate
  • Respond to all comments and questions that get left on your posts 


5. Engage with other people’s posts 

One way to draw attention to your presence is to engage with other LinkedIn users. 

You should like and comment on posts by your clients, as well as those of buyer’s agents, mortgage brokers, conveyancers, inspectors, valuers and anyone else you work with.

You could even engage with real estate agents that work in a different niche.

By engaging with others, you increase your following and your chances of getting referral business.


Last word about using LinkedIn

LinkedIn content marketing takes time to work. 

Most posts have a low engagement rate, because there are so many real estate agents competing for attention. 

If you have the budget, you could sponsor some of your posts to speed up the process (this involves paying to have the posts shown to more people). 

If you don’t have the budget, your followers and engagement will increase over time as you keep publishing helpful content. 

As mentioned, Hunter & Scribe can write the social media posts for you to publish on LinkedIn. Contact us for more information.

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