Four reasons your business needs an ebook

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Four reasons your business needs an ebook

As a professional, you should always be on the lookout for new ways to grow your brand, like using content marketing.

Content marketing has changed significantly over the years, and clients now demand richer content that answers all their questions.

Ebooks are the epitome of rich content and can deliver high returns. Here are four reasons ebooks can help you generate leads for your business.

1. Ebooks establish authority

Authoring an ebook gives your business a chance to establish itself as an industry authority. Through an ebook, you can create expert content that educates and engages clients, and thereby gives your brand credibility – and clients prefer brands they trust.

For example, if someone is undecided on which accounting practice to use, the one with the ebook on ‘How to understand your financial statements’ might just win. By writing an ebook on something small business owners struggle with, the accounting practice would show clients they’re knowledgeable and understand their clients.

Of course, in this example, the ebook needs to be written in plain English and not use jargon. If the small business owner doesn’t understand the book, it won’t be effective. That’s where Hunter & Scribe can help. Our writers are knowledgeable in both the subject matter and writing. So we can explain technical concepts using plain English.

2. Ebooks help you grow your email marketing list

An email list gives you direct access to people interested in your service. Ebooks, on the right topics, are one of the best ways to grow your email list.

What’s the right topic? That depends on the answers people are looking for. For example, a financial adviser could write an ebook on different types of investments. Their website would list enough information to trigger the search result, but not enough to stop someone from clicking through and downloading the ebook.

For example, this hypothetical financial adviser might publish an ebook called ‘What should I invest in?’ and then include this website information:

“What you should invest in depends on your financial situation, your age, your goals and your risk profile. If you’re young, have a high risk threshold and want high returns, you may consider investing in high-growth shares. If you’re older, you may consider more stable investments, like bonds. [Download my ebook ‘What should I invest in?’ to learn more].”

But don’t just put a download button on your website. Leave an instruction like: “Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send you a free copy of ‘What should I invest in?’. (This is a great way to ensure potential clients use a valid email address).

3. Ebooks help you boost your content marketing strategy

By design, ebooks are meant to offer longer content, and are therefore an opportunity to give clients in-depth information. Well-written ebooks often get shared, which may help you attract new clients.

You can also mention your ebook in your blogs. For example, if a buyer’s agent writes a blog about the top three features of a good investment property, they could add at the end of the blog: “These are only some of the features. For more in-depth information, click here to read my ebook on ‘What makes a good investment property’.”

Remember to include your contact details and a call-to-action in the ebook. For example: “Want to buy a high-quality investment property in Sydney? Contact us today at XXX.”

So if your ebook is shared, people can find you.

4. Ebooks help you generate additional PR opportunities

Bloggers, podcasts and other media outlets are always looking for fresh content ideas. It’s not uncommon for them to cite relevant, well-written ebooks in their work, or request an interview with the author.

So an ebook is an opportunity to get free publicity and promote your business.

You can even submit an excerpt from your ebook as a guest blog to gain more exposure.

We know most property and finance professionals don’t have time to write an ebook. So we’ll write it for you and let you publish it under your own name. Contact Hunter & Scribe to find out more about our ebook writing services.

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