How to find fresh content marketing ideas

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How to find fresh content marketing ideas

Tired of repeating the same old message to your clients? Fresh ideas are everywhere … if you know where to look.

Here are five ways to find fresh new content marketing ideas:


1. Ask 

Ask questions on social media, place a poll on your website or ask people to fill in a short survey.

Make sure they’re questions that need to be answered with a sentence, so people don’t just give one-word replies.

For example, a property professional could ask:

  • What’s the worst thing about selling your home?
  • What’s the one thing you won’t compromise on when buying a home?
  • What do you hate about applying for a home loan?
  • What’s the first thing you asked your mortgage broker?

You could also ask Hunter & Scribe to write fresh content for you.


2. Snoop

Find out what your competitors are talking about, by browsing their websites and social media pages. Then find a fresh way to present either the same or similar information. 

For example, if you’re an accountant and a rival wrote a blog on five key performance indicators, you could write a blog that covered those five indicators in a different way. Or you could write a different blog on five other indicators. 

If you don’t have time to browse other websites, you can outsource this task to Hunter & Scribe. We’ll give you several topics to choose from and then write an article on the topic you choose.


3. Explain

Think of the most common questions your clients ask, then answer them. Use social media for short answers, blogs for longer answers and ebooks for in-depth answers.

If you don’t have time to write lengthy answers, Hunter & Scribe can help. We’re good at explaining complex issues in plain English.

You could also record a short video explaining the aspect of your business you’re most proud of. (Hunter & Scribe can help you polish the script and write a summary of the video to place in the description field.)


4. Read

There’s always something in the news. Many property websites and magazines, like CoreLogic and Smart Property Investment, publish new content daily that you can summarise in social media posts. 

Organisations like the Australian Bureau of Statistics publish new stats regularly, and also provide media releases and explanations.

Other government agencies like ASIC, the Australian Taxation Office and the Reserve Bank regularly post new content. 

Politicians also regularly release media statements and articles on their areas of expertise, which will give you ideas for your blogs or social media posts.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to browse all these websites – Hunter & Scribe’s writers check them on a daily basis and can write newsworthy social media posts or blogs for you.


5. Personalise

Embed your own stories and experiences into your content. 

Tell people why you started the business, about your family, about your cat or dog, and what you love the most about your job.

Your own story gives a personal touch to what might otherwise seem like an impersonal business. 

If you’re unsure how much personal information to give, ask Hunter & Scribe to edit your story. We’ll remove anything that doesn’t show you in a good light and leave the parts that do.

Interested in fresh new content? Hunter & Scribe writes high-quality content for mortgage brokers, buyer’s agents, real estate agents, accountants, financial advisers, credit repair agencies, lenders and builders. Contact us.

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