How to drive traffic to your website using social media

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How to drive traffic to your website using social media

Are you despondent because nobody is visiting your website? If so, have you tried using social media? 

As well as being a great way to engage with your audience, social media can be an incredibly effective traffic driver. 

Here are six ways to use social media to drive traffic to your website:


1. Update your profile

Fill in all the fields on your profile, including the link to your website. You could include your website address in your headline images too. It won’t create clickable links, but if clients look at your URL all the time, they’ll start remembering it. 


2. Write blogs

Write meaningful and educational blogs for your website and promote them on social media.

For example, an accountant could write a blog on: ‘The tax pros and cons of investing in property’. Then they could tease the blog on social media as follows:

A property investment can increase or lessen your tax burden. Want to know more? Click here.

If you need help writing content, contact Hunter & Scribe. We write blogs, newsletters, website text and social media posts.


3. Share your content

If your blogs are timeless, you could keep sharing them. For example, a month later the same accountant could write:

Want to know how to increase your wealth and pay less tax? Click here to find out.

And redirect people to the same blog about property investing.


4. Interact with people

Ask people to fill in a survey and direct them to your website. 

For example, a mortgage broker could have a short survey on their website asking clients to rank the most important factor when comparing home loans:

[  ] Good interest rate

[  ] An offset account

[  ] A redraw facility

[  ] No lender’s mortgage insurance

[  ] Reasonable fees  

[  ] Easy-to-use interface

Afterwards, the mortgage broker could tease the results on social media, but only post them on their website.

Another way to interact with potential clients is to ask them for their opinions. But stay away from controversial topics or those requiring long answers.

The easier the question, the easier it is for people to type a quick reply. The more people who reply, the more popular your post will become and eventually your website. 

For example, a real estate agent could post a picture of a couch with a yellow cushion and the same couch with a green cushion and ask people which one looks best.


5. Use visuals 

Well-chosen images and/or videos stand out against the sea of words in people’s feeds. So include an image with your posts. 

If you ask Hunter & Scribe to write your social media posts, we’ll also include a stock image, graph or chart with the post.


6. Publish helpful tips

The tactics mentioned above will be more effective if you have more followers. So post helpful tips or news about your industry regularly to increase your social media followers.

Don’t have time? Let Hunter & Scribe write the posts for you. We keep up to date on the property market, key economic indicators and the leading financial authorities – and can write about them for you. We’ll even include an image and can schedule the posts. Contact us for more information.

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