Marketing your business on a small budget

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Marketing your business on a small budget

How do you tell Australia about your business on a limited marketing budget?


Here are three ways: 


1. Develop your website

Your business probably already has a website, but is it working for you? Your website should list more than just the services you offer. It should also contain search engine-optimised (SEO) content. 


For example, a credit repair agency could not only include a list of their services, but also a blog section where they write about credit reports, identity theft and credit scores. That way, if someone wanted to know more about a credit score, they would be redirected to the credit repair agency’s website by search engines.


The more questions you answer on your website, the more likely it is you’ll have the answer someone is looking for when they do a Google search.


2. Develop a digital marketing plan

Unlike print marketing, digital marketing can be measured and continually improved to get the best results. 


A smart digital marketing plan includes:


You can get multiple uses from one piece of content. For example, if a mortgage broker wrote three lengthy blogs on:

  • How to build a profitable property portfolio
  • Why people should consider rentvesting
  • Why now is a good time to refinance your home loan


They could use this information to:

  • Create three short social media posts on each topic
  • Include the introductory paragraph of each blog in their newsletter with a link to their website to read the rest of the blog


This tactic would benefit the mortgage broker in multiple ways:

  • The information on their website could attract people through organic search results
  • The social media posts could attract more followers
  • The newsletters will remind their existing clients about their service


Digital marketing can also include lead magnets, which is premium content, like an ebook, you give potential clients if they subscribe to your newsletter or part with their email addresses.


For example, a real estate agent could write an ebook about the pros and cons of staging your home, what it costs, and what you can do on a small budget. They could offer to send the ebook to anyone who subscribed to their newsletters. This would be a clever move on the agent’s part, because many subscribers would be potential vendors and some of those leads might translate into clients.


3. Develop your writing and research skills

Your digital marketing plan may fail if your content isn’t well-written, informative and thoroughly researched.


If you’re too busy to find the time to improve your writing skills or research topics, you could consider outsourcing your digital marketing. 


Hunter & Scribe specialise in writing content for the property industry and the finance industry. We write social media posts, blogs, newsletters and ebooks for our clients daily. We’re skilled at writing interesting content for these industries, whether it’s on the latest news or answering questions clients frequently ask.


By outsourcing your content writing to Hunter & Scribe you could:

  • Free up your time to focus on your core business
  • Stick to your marketing strategy by receiving regular content
  • Get a great return on investment because much of your content will stay relevant

Contact us for more information on content writing.

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