What should a FAQ page include?

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What should a FAQ page include?

Your FAQ page should give your clients immediate answers without them having to contact you directly. 

But be careful of information overload. If there are too many questions, divide them into sections. 

For example, an accountant could divide their FAQs into:

  • Auditing
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Financial statements
  • GST
  • Income tax
  • Payroll services

Each section should answer between three and ten questions.

You should also create links from your FAQ to your services and contact pages to make it easy for visitors to take the next step and become clients.

Also consider turning your key selling points into FAQs to emphasise why your business stands out from your competitors. 

For example, if you’re a mortgage broker, you could use your FAQ page to explain why people should choose you over another broker or going direct-to-lender.

You should also use your FAQ to address any fears or doubts that people may have. 

For example, a lender could have a FAQ that includes information about worst-case scenarios, like what clients should do if they fall behind on their mortgage repayments.


Optimised content for search engines

You can supplement and amend your FAQs by using data from search engines. 

Type your questions into a search engine and check the display to see if there are more questions you could answer.

For example, if you ask Bing ‘What does a lender do?’, you get this answer:

The ‘EXPLORE FURTHER’ block will give you ideas of what other questions to answer.

You can also check if you’re using the terminology people most often use when searching for information. 

For example, if you ask “What is a mortgage lender?”, Bing shows you:

Bing’s search results give you a tip on the phrase you could use, by showing: ‘What is a Mortgage Broker’ in the one block.

By aligning your FAQ page with the way people search for information, you increase the chances of your answers appearing at the top of the search results.


Need help writing a FAQ page? 

Here’s a sample FAQ that may help you:

Should I outsource my content marketing?

Yes. Outsourcing your content to expert writers will make your business look more professional because the writing will be clear and concise. It will also save you time.

Why should I choose Hunter & Scribe?

Hunter & Scribe specialises in writing content for property and finance businesses in Australia. They’re familiar with what’s happening in the property scene in Australia.

Does Hunter & Scribe make it easy?

Yes. Once you’re signed up, we’ll keep delivering the content as scheduled.

Can I talk to someone at Hunter & Scribe?

Yes. We’d love to talk to you about content marketing. Contact us for a chat.

Can Hunter & Scribe write a FAQ for my business?

Yes. We can write a FAQ for your business, whether you have a list of questions and answers or need us to source the information for you.

What else does Hunter & Scribe write?

Almost anything, including:

Will Hunter & Scribe provide the topics?

Yes. If you want us to. But we’re also happy to write articles on the topics you provide.

What if I only need editing services?

Whether you need someone to just check your writing for grammar errors, or to polish it up a bit, Hunter & Scribe can help.

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