Seven great content marketing tips

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Seven great content marketing tips

Whether you’re a mortgage broker, real estate agent or financial adviser, marketing is key to your success. 

An effective marketing strategy ‘works for you’ while you work for your clients. 

Here are some top content marketing tips that will help you generate leads and grow your business:


1. Be clear about who you are and what you do

Although you may refer to yourself as, say, a financial adviser, listing all the services on your website highlights what your business is about. This could help you communicate your services better because you’ll have a list to work from. It could also help you target the right audience.


2. Plan

Develop a content marketing schedule for the next six months and commit to it. 

For example, if you’re a mortgage broker, you could commit to publishing, say, one blog per month and three social media posts per week. You could then outsource this work to Hunter & Scribe, who could source and write content about the property market, the mortgage market or your business. Once the schedule was in place, you would be free to focus on your core work while your content marketing steadily rolled out.


3. Focus on quality over quantity

A strategic marketing plan should focus on quality content over ‘chatter’. Marketing shouldn’t be about creating noise; it should be about building a solid reputation. 

For example, a real estate agent that specialises in high-end properties could highlight that aspect of their business, rather than just saying they’re an expert real estate agent.

A buyer’s agent who has bought multiple properties in an area in a very tight market could highlight both those facts – that they faced stiff competition but managed to find their clients quality properties at fair prices because they had the required expertise.

A great way to highlight your expertise is to write an ebook you give to potential clients or a guest column you pitch to media outlets.


4. Create strategic content that solves problems

Every piece of content should be written with a specific goal in mind, whether it’s a newsletter, blog or social media post

The common theme should be how you can solve your clients’ problems with your expertise. But the delivery of that information should be tweaked for every goal. 

For example, a blog might be written to improve your search engine ranking, in which case you’d use the relevant keywords. In contrast, a social media post might be created to explain some aspect of your business better – such as a credit repair agency explaining how to get a free credit report.


5. Diversify your content creation

Different people consume information in different ways. You could broaden your reach by creating diverse content. Use videos, infographics, clever visuals and quality written content to capture everyone’s attention. Then publish these on various social media platforms and on your website.


6. Use tools effectively

There are many tools your business can use to enhance its content marketing. For example, you can pre-schedule your social media posts, automate sending emails based on trigger events and customise your newsletters


7. Get help

Your content marketing strategy should work for you while you carry on doing what you do best – offering a quality service. 

So call in the experts, like Hunter & Scribe. We’re writing specialists who specialise in writing about property and finance in Australia. We know what’s going on and understand the terminology.

Contact us for more information.

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