How to get more backlinks

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How to get more backlinks

Your website will receive a boost if it receives backlinks from popular websites, and the more backlinks it has, the higher it could rank. So here are three ways to get more backlinks:


1. Write blogs

The more educational or helpful information your website provides, the more likely that other websites will link to your site.

For example, if you regularly write high-quality blogs with valuable information, people looking for that information may start linking to your website, from either their social media pages or their websites.

So a lender could write a blog on ‘How to get a pre-approved home loan’, and buyer’s agents may find it easier to link to the lender’s website than to write a blog on the topic themselves. 

Don’t have time to write blogs? Hunter & Scribe can write the blogs for you – daily, weekly or monthly. We’ll source educational and helpful tips about your industry and include them in your blogs.


2. Write guest blogs for other websites

Online magazines may welcome guest blogs because they get the content for free. They may also be willing to let you link back to your website in return. So look for a local magazine or newspaper and offer to write a guest column for them.

But be strategic about it. For example, if you’re an accountant, you could offer to write for Accountants Daily or Accountants Today. This may establish you as an authority with other accountants, but they’re not your target market. So offering to write a guest column on the ‘Top five tax savings tips for mortgage brokers’ for a magazine aimed at mortgage brokers, like The Adviser, may benefit you more by providing a backlink and exposing your business to more potential clients.

If you don’t have time to write a guest blog you can outsource it to Hunter & Scribe. We make it effortless. You can tell us what you require by phone, Zoom or email – whatever you prefer.


3. Write testimonials or comments for other websites

Another way to generate backlinks is to comment on other blogs if they allow you to include a link to your website in the comment. Of course, this comment should be relevant to the blog you’re commenting on, so it doesn’t come across as spam. Ideally, your comment should also be interesting enough that someone would want to click on the link to visit your website.

You could also write online reviews or testimonials about businesses that publish them on their websites and link back to your website, like Hunter & Scribe’s clients have done for us. Again, the reviews should be detailed and reflect well on your business and the one you’re writing about (the website is unlikely to place a badly written or negative review). 

Don’t forget about social media. If you comment on people’s posts, links are automatically created back to your profile. In an indirect way, these links also count as backlinks. If your social media pages are linked to your website and they become popular, your website might become popular by association.

Want content, but don’t have time to write it yourself? Hunter & Scribe can write it for you. We specialise in helping property professionals like real estate agents, buyer’s agents and property developers. We also specialise in creating content for finance professionals, like financial advisers, accountants and mortgage brokers. Contact us for more information.

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