Is Facebook still an effective marketing tool?

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Is Facebook still an effective marketing tool?

Yes, you can still use Facebook to market your business by publishing great content and using Facebook groups. Here’s how: 


Publish great content

Your number of followers is not as meaningful as you think. If your followers don’t read your content, Facebook will stop telling them about your new posts, or move that information to the bottom of their feed. In that case, you’d be lucky if even 10% of your followers read anything you published.

To counter that, follow these three rules:

1. Publish content your followers want to read 

One way to ensure your posts are relevant, interesting and helpful for your target market is to stay in your lane. 

So if you’re a lender, you can write about:

  • Interest rates and how they’re determined
  • Different types of loans
  • How your credit score impacts the interest you’ll pay on a loan
  • The pros and cons of consolidating your debt
  • The pros and cons of refinancing a home loan
  • Inflation rates and how they affect your home loan rates

This content might not sound interesting to someone who browses Facebook looking at their family’s holiday photos. But it will be interesting to people who will help you grow your business – those looking for a loan right now. It will also increase the chances of your posts coming up in search results when people want to know more about loans.

2. Publish short posts

Facebook is full of information, so people are in a hurry to read content and move on. That’s why users tend to prefer short posts.

If a question requires a lengthy explanation, tease the answer on Facebook and publish a link to the longer article on your website.

Short posts also make it easier for someone to browse your Facebook page and see what it’s about.

For example, if a buyer’s agent specialises in finding properties for investors, the buyer’s agent can write a blog on what makes a property a great investment. The buyer’s agent can then split the blog into three or four social media posts and publish one per day on Facebook over the next three or four days with a link to the full blog each time.  

3. Give people options

People have different preferences. Some prefer watching video, some prefer listening to audio and some prefer reading text.

Ideally, you’d give people options. For example, if a mortgage broker interviewed a lender on what makes them accept or reject home loan applications, the mortgage broker could publish:

  • The video
  • An audio recording
  • A transcript

As a bonus, the broker could also publish a series of short posts highlighting aspects of the video.


Form Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a great way for content marketers to connect with followers. 

In a Facebook group you could:

  • Encourage members to ask questions and answer them by referencing the services your business offers
  • Publish helpful tips and advice and encourage members to do the same
  • Offer polls that you can later turn into posts 

For example, a credit repair agency could start a Facebook group about scams. They could publish advice on:

  • How to recognise a scam
  • What to do if you’ve been a victim
  • When you should forward a post about scams

The agency could also encourage members to publish the scams they’ve encountered to warn others. 

From time to time, the credit repair agency could publish a post about identity theft and how it could mess up your credit report. This post would give the credit repair agency an opportunity to plug their business in an unobtrusive way.

It’s important that you start the group, so you have admin rights. That way, you can steer the conversation back to your industry if it goes off-track. And you’ll have the ability to delete advertisements published by competing businesses.

If you’re looking for great content to publish on Facebook, talk to Hunter & Scribe. We specialise in writing for property and finance professionals like real estate agents, buyer’s agents, lenders, mortgage brokers and accountants. We can write weekly, monthly off or one-off social media posts about your business and industry.

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