Five digital marketing tools to help grow your business

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Five digital marketing tools to help grow your business

When you have a business, it’s vital that your brand is as visible as possible. The bigger your digital footprint, the more attention you’ll get from prospective clients.

That’s where digital marketing comes in.


1. Website, blogs, SEO content

Every property or finance business needs a website. But just having a website is no longer enough; you also need helpful information and well-written content to drive potential clients to your website through organic search results.

The more blogs you have answering questions people ask, the more likely they’ll reach your website.

In addition to writing blogs, you should also consider search engine optimisation. 

For example, if an accountant wrote an article titled, ‘How I can help you with your tax’, it may not trigger as many results as an article with a title mimicking the phrase people are likely to type into a search engine like ‘Tax advice Melbourne’ or ‘Tax help Sydney’.

At Hunter & Scribe, we write website text, blogs and more for accountants and other financial and property professionals. We can also incorporate your preferred  keywords into the text in a natural way.


2. Internet banner ads

Online banner ads can be a form of paid or unpaid marketing. 

You could swap banner ads with other sites that offer complementary services. For example, an accountant could swap banner ads with a non-bank lender that offers home loan refinancing to small business owners who need money to pay off their outstanding taxes.

You can also pay for banner ads to appear on other websites or in search engine results. Banner ads often appear at the bottom of apps, like games. You can purchase these ads through marketing companies like Google, Microsoft, Chartboost, Amazon or Facebook. 

For example, there are games that let you practise investing in a virtual environment, so a financial adviser could target those games with a banner ad saying: “Tired of pretending? Talk to a real financial adviser.” 

To be effective, a banner ad needs to entice people to click. Once they do, they should be taken to a page that answers the question posed on the ad, to increase your chances of converting them to a client.


3. PPC advertising

One of the most common methods of digital advertising is pay-per-click (PPC). PPC advertising is offered by all the search engines and dominant websites like Facebook and Amazon. With PPC, you need to define your target market carefully and write ads that speak to them. The ads can be in the form of text video or images.

As with banner ads, your marketing consists of two parts:

  • You need a compelling ad to draw the attention of potential clients
  • You need a website landing page that is directly relevant to the PPC ad, so you can convert visitors to clients

For example, an accountant could design a PPC ad that has an image of a dollar sign and a question: “Are you paying too much tax?” If someone clicks on the ad, they could be taken to a blog that gives advice on paying less tax. The blog should also include a call-to-action to increase the chances of converting the visitor to a client.

Hunter & Scribe can write the content, including blogs, for your landing page. We’re experienced in property and finance and can answer the questions people often ask about your industry in a clear and concise manner.


4. Email marketing

Whether you manage your own email marketing or use a platform, emailing your existing clients is one of the best ways to get repeat business. You might also get new business if they forward your newsletters to their friends or colleagues.

The key to succeeding with email marketing is to send your subscribers well-written, informative articles they actually want to read.  

For example, a mortgage broker can send its subscribers a newsletter that contains an update on the state of the mortgage market, an article on the pros and cons of refinancing a home loan, and a short feel-good story about one of their clients.

Don’t have time to write newsletters? Let Hunter & Scribe write them for you. You can either provide us with topics or we can suggest some. Once you’ve approved the topic, we’ll write the newsletter for you. We’ll also include an image and call-to-action. Another advantage of using Hunter & Scribe is we’ll remind you when it’s time to send your next newsletter.


5. Social media marketing

Which social media platform do your clients use? LinkedIn? Facebook? Instagram? Whatever it is, your business can cash in if it targets them with well-written and well-designed social media posts.

Although you can place paid ads on these platforms, writing informative social media posts is a cost-effective way of reaching millions of potential clients. 

Hunter & Scribe can write social media posts just for you – daily, weekly or whatever frequency you prefer.

Or you can subscribe to one of our low-cost, high-quality syndicated services, including our Daily Social Media Posts service for mortgage brokers and buyer’s agents and our Content For Accountants service for accountants and bookkeepers.

Contact us for more information on our digital marketing services.

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