How to write an effective ebook

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How to write an effective ebook

Go on, admit it… you’ve been thinking about writing an ebook for your business for a while now, but are nowhere near putting pen to paper.

Our advice? Stop procrastinating and do it. While writing an ebook might seem like an intimidating task, it doesn’t have to be if you follow the steps below.


Choose what to write about 

The most effective ebooks are those based on customer need, rather than author’s vanity. First, look at your area of expertise. Then try to think of questions clients will ask. Finally, aim to answer them in the book. 

For example, if you’re a financial planner, and your clients want to know what to invest in, you may want to write an ebook on risk profiles and how it affects investment decisions.

Or if you’re a buyer’s agent, you could write an ebook explaining the process to first home buyers. Not your target market? Then write an ebook about investment properties and which types of location offer the best returns.


Choose a style

Different topics call for different styles. A humorous tone might work well for some topics, while going down like a lead balloon in another. Whatever tone you choose, make sure it’s consistent with your brand persona. 

For example, if you’re trying to distinguish yourself as an expert mortgage broker, you might get away with poking fun at mistakes lenders make (because they’re unlikely to read your ebook).

But if you’re a real estate agent, poking fun at first home buyers could affect your reputation. In that case, you would probably want to select a compassionate tone so you come across as helpful and caring.

Above all, remember the cardinal rule: educate and entertain your reader. This isn’t about pushing your product, but rather a subtler journey to it.

If you want your ebook to be clear, concise and professional, consider outsourcing the ebook writing to Hunter & Scribe


Choose a structure or design

Like a traditional book, it’s best to structure your content into chapters. Then, break these down into smaller sections using headings and subheadings. This increases readability. 

Numbers, bullet-points and images can also break up blocks of text and make your content easier to read.

Use formatting to draw people’s attention to key points but be wary of going overboard. You want a professional feel, so keep design elements easy on the eye.


Choose a call-to-action

Make sure your readers know what to do next, and how, by including a call-to-action. 

This doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. A link to more information or a phone number to call is sufficient.

For example: “Would you like someone to write your ebook for you? Contact Hunter & Scribe.”


Choose a time 

Unfortunately, writing is a task that is easy to put off. To ensure headway, you’ll need to schedule in regular writing time (daily or weekly). A good strategy is to write first thing in the morning, so events don’t waylay you. 

Once you’ve finished your draft, proofread. Proofread again. Or hire Hunter & Scribe to edit the ebook for you.


Choose to outsource writing the ebook

If you have a great idea for an ebook but you’re just not getting round to it, talk to Hunter & Scribe. We’ll write the ebook for you, and you don’t have to tell anyone (we won’t). So whether you need a book on ‘Understanding financial statements’, ‘Why your personality affects your investment strategy’, or ‘What makes me a good mortgage broker’, just contact us

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