The benefits of guest blogging

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The benefits of guest blogging

Regularly publishing content in a blog is an effective strategy to attract visitors to your website. 

If you’re running out of topic ideas, you can outsource your blog writing to a property and finance specialist like Hunter & Scribe, or you can consider inviting someone to write a guest blog for you.

Here are four ways a guest blog can benefit your business:


1. Free content

You could offer to exchange guest blogs with a business that is complementary to yours. 

For example, a buyer’s agent could ask a mortgage broker to write a blog on how to improve your chances of getting a great interest rate.

In return, the buyer’s agent could:

  • Include a link to the mortgage broker’s website at the end of the blog, or let the mortgage broker include a call-to-action in the guest blog
  • Write a new blog for the mortgage broker on some aspect of buying a property, like how to select the location of your investment property
  • Give an existing blog to the mortgage broker to publish on their website

The buyer’s agent would benefit by getting a free blog and the mortgage broker would benefit by getting more exposure (or a free blog).

If they exchanged blogs, the buyer’s agent would also benefit from more exposure.


2. Diversity

Guest blogging is a great way to mix up your blog style and create renewed interest in your blogs. You could even make a regular feature of it, so people start looking forward to the guest blogs. 

Guest blogging can be particularly effective if the person writing the blog is known and you can play it up on social media – although you may need to prove that you have a large enough audience to make it worth their while.

If you have hundreds of newsletter subscribers, you could offer to include the guest blog in your newsletter with a link to the guest blogger’s website.


3. Credibility

The more credible your guest bloggers are, the more credibility your business will gain by association.

Another way you could capitalise on someone else’s credibility is by offering to write guest blogs for their website.

For example, a financial adviser could write an article on investing for professionals and submit it to Accounting Today as a guest blog. If the magazine published it, the financial adviser would gain exposure to potentially thousands of professionals. 

The financial adviser would also gain credibility, because the readers of Accounting Today would trust the magazine and so would be likely to trust the financial adviser by association.


4. Increased traffic

If you exchanged blogs with another business and included links, you could cross-promote your websites.

Not only would the links help with search engine optimisation, but both parties would increase their website traffic if readers clicked through to your websites.


Want to get started?

If you need a guest blog, you can outsource writing it to Hunter & Scribe. We’ll make sure you sound knowledgeable and that the writing is precise.

If you want a guest blog for your website, we may be able to help you. If your target market is property and finance professionals, we’d love to write a guest blog about content marketing for you to publish with a link back to our website.

Contact us today and let’s see how we can help each other.

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