Five email marketing failures and how to fix them

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Five email marketing failures and how to fix them

Good email marketing generates business. Bad email marketing generates unsubscribe requests

So what are the most common email marketing fails, and how do you fix them? 


1. Forgetting to personalise 

Are you trying to appeal to your entire client base with one email? You probably won’t succeed because nobody wants to receive content that’s not relevant to them. 

Instead, you should segment your email list and send each group customised content.

For example, if a mortgage broker wanted to remind clients about the potential benefits of refinancing their home loans, and sent one email to their entire database, clients who had just bought a property may be confused or annoyed by it. 

But if the mortgage broker segmented their client base (as in the example below), they could send each group of clients a customised newsletter.

(The 5-year period is used for illustration purposes only.)


2. Sending too many emails 

Even though your newsletters aren’t spam, clients may consider them to be unsolicited if they arrive too often. So resist the temptation to send them a daily reminder of your business.

Instead, you can send out weekly, fortnightly or monthly emails with interesting content, with the occasional sales pitch mixed in.

The exception would be clients who subscribe to specific alerts. For example, a buyer / renter would be open to receiving daily emails from the same real estate agent about new properties coming onto the market.


3. Failing to include a call-to-action (CTA) 

Every marketing message needs to include a call-to-action. A CTA tells the audience what they should do next, whether that’s contacting you or booking an appointment.

A CTA can prompt potential clients to take action straight away as long as you make it easy for them. 

For example, telling you to email [email protected] if you want someone to write your newsletters for you is making it easy. Telling you to find our contact details on our website is making it unnecessarily hard.


4. Including too many CTAs

Don’t go overboard and include too many CTAs in your email, as that may overwhelm and annoy the reader. As a general rule, use one CTA for one marketing message. 


5. Making spelling and grammatical mistakes 

What’s the easiest way of making a bad impression on clients? Sending emails with grammatical and spelling mistakes. 

Your content should be interesting, informative and error-free. Don’t be in a hurry to send your emails. Write the content the day before you need it, then check it again before sending it out.

Another option is to ask a content writing company that specialises in property and finance to write your newsletters for you. 

At Hunter & Scribe, we write high-quality newsletters for:

Contact us for more information about outsourcing your email newsletters.

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