How to come up with killer content ideas

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How to come up with killer content ideas

Coming up with fresh ideas for blogs and social media posts isn’t always easy. But there are several tricks you can use to help generate ideas when creative fatigue has set in.

The first of these is to get inspired by your clients.

One of the most common mistakes business owners make is to try to come up with content ideas by themselves. Rather, look to your clients and cover topics they want to know more about. Go through your ‘sent items’ to see what questions you keep getting asked.

For example, if you’re a financial planner, do people keep asking you whether cryptocurrencies are good investments? If you’re an accountant, do people keep asking you whether the profits they make on trading in cryptocurrencies are taxable?

Perhaps your clients aren’t asking you directly, but asking search engines instead. So look out for the top queries posted by search engines, as some may be relevant to your business.

You can also look at your own website statistics to see what questions clients ask or which pages are popular. You could then expand on these topics in blogs.

You can also search Reddit, Quora and other forums for your topic.


Get inspired by your competitors and partners

Another great tactic is to get inspired by what your competitors are doing. Have a look at their blogs and social media posts, and see what they’ve written about. The idea here isn’t to plagiarise their content, but to see if you can approach the same topics from a fresh angle.

This is something Hunter & Scribe could help you with. If you’re inspired by an idea but don’t want to plagiarise someone else’s content, send us the topic and we’ll write a fresh article for you.

You can also look at the websites of companies you work with. For example, if a buyer’s agent made a list of features investors look for in a property, a real estate agent could be inspired to convert some of the items into a list of features sellers should focus on before listing their properties. 


Get personal

Successful content marketing is all about authenticity. One of the easiest ways to build a genuine connection with your audience is by getting personal. Tell a story about yourself, or something that happened to you (good or bad). Business can often seem impersonal, so this has the added benefit of humanising you.

Starter stories make great content. For example, if you’re a financial adviser, you could tell readers at what age you started investing and what inspired you to become a financial adviser. Or if you’re a property professional, you could tell readers why you love property, how many properties you own, and share the ups and downs of your investing journey.


Get someone else to provide a topic

If none of these suggestions appeal to you, you can outsource writing your content, including selecting topics, to Hunter & Scribe. We can give you a mix of newsworthy and evergreen topics, and write blogs, social media posts or ebooks on the topics you choose. So whether you need fresh ideas for a mortgage broking business, a real estate agency or an accounting firm, contact us.

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