How introverted entrepreneurs can succeed in marketing

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How introverted entrepreneurs can succeed in marketing

Historically, business owners had to attend networking events and make cold calls to market their businesses – the sort of activities that many introverts dislike.

However, the rise of digital marketing has changed the way that marketing is done. Now introverted business owners can succeed at marketing without going through those kinds of draining experiences by switching from ‘outbound’ marketing to ‘inbound’.

Inbound marketing is where you get potential clients to contact your business, instead of contacting them yourself. 

How? By using content marketing to get their attention and make them take action. Here are five methods you can consider:


1. Blogging

When people want to know something, they type a query into a search engine. And the search engines don’t provide that information themselves – they rely on website owners.

So if you have a lot of useful information on your website, search engines may direct people to your website.

One way to include lots of educational posts or helpful tips on your website is by writing blogs.

For example, a lender could write timeless blogs explaining:

  • Home loans
  • Refinancing
  • Credit scores
  • Offset accounts
  • Redraw facilities

The lender could also write time-sensitive blogs like:

  • What to do if home loan rates rise
  • How rising inflation rate is affecting the Australian economy
  • How falling prices are affecting property valuations

These types of blogs take a lot of time and research to write, so you can outsource it to Hunter & Scribe. Our name says it all – we’ll hunt down the information and write it for you.


2. Social media posts

Social media is designed for short posts, like tips and news snippets.

For example, a credit repair agency could write short posts on:

  • When to contact a credit repair agency
  • What a credit score is
  • How to improve a credit score
  • How to report identity theft
  • Their services

Similar to blogs, these posts establish you as helpful and knowledgeable. They should also include links back to your website and tell people how to sign up for your services.

Hunter & Scribe can write these social media posts for you and schedule them to automatically publish. We’ll make sure each post contains a call-to-action and can even include a graphic.


3. EDMs

Electronic direct mails, or EDMs, are an effective way to stay in touch with your existing clients without needing to cold-call them. They give you the opportunity to market your services to people you already know are interested (because they consented to receive the emails – if they didn’t, it’s spam).

But even though you have an existing mailing list, it doesn’t mean your clients will necessarily open and read your emails. So the emails need to be written well and include an attention-grabbing headline. They should also include a call-to-action so people know what to do next.


4. Company newsletters

Newsletters, another great tool for introverts, are similar to EDMs, but you could use them to just remind clients of your business, instead of selling a specific service. 

If your email is interesting enough, your readers may forward it to their friends, who might then also subscribe.

You can also use newsletters as stepping stones to your marketing strategy. For example, if you’re an accountant, you could write an article on: ‘Five tax tips for investors’. You could mention there are more tips, and that subscribers should contact you to get personalised advice.

Newsletters are generally more effective when they’re customised. So if a buyer’s agent mostly buys homes for investors, but also helps first home buyers, they can consider maintaining two mailing lists. Their newsletter for the first home buyers could contain helpful tips on buying or maintaining a home. And the newsletter for investors could include an overview of different property markets throughout Australia.

Not sure how to go about writing a newsletter? Ask Hunter & Scribe. We’ll suggest topics based on your company and industry. You choose your favourites and we write the newsletter. 


5. Ebooks

Ebooks, especially free ebooks, are another great marketing option for introverts. If you compile the information people frequently search for, you can entice them to sign up for your newsletter or EDM in exchange for the information (the ebook).

For example, a real estate agent could write an ebook on how to maximise the value of your home before putting it on the market. They could then offer to email the ebook to anyone who signs up for their newsletter. That way, the real estate agent gets the email address of someone who might want to sell their home and can send them further information on their services.

An ebook doesn’t have to be long, but it should contain enough useful information so the person doesn’t immediately unsubscribe from your newsletters. You could also include case studies to break apart long lists of facts.

Don’t have time to write an ebook? Outsource it to Hunter & Scribe. We’ll do the research, and deliver clearly written and concise text. We’ll also include case studies if you provide us with the relevant facts.

As a special bonus to your subscribers, you can write a new ebook once a year and include a download link in your newsletters for those who’ve been on your list for at least a year.

Contact Hunter & Scribe to find out how we can help you with all your content needs.

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