Need a marketing hook? Try National Fun at Work Day

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Need a marketing hook? Try National Fun at Work Day

Generally, the more you market your business, the more it could grow. But clients don’t want to be constantly interrupted for no good reason – so give them a good reason.


Good marketing always has a pretext. “We’re not interrupting you just to hit our sales targets,” the pretext suggests, “but because of this perfectly valid reason.”


Some pretexts are obvious – Christmas, Easter, Halloween, end of financial year, footy grand finals and the like. Because they’re obvious, consumers will accept marketing based on those themes.


But what happens when your business wants to do some marketing and you don’t have an obvious pretext?


Every business has its day 

One solution is to conduct marketing based on a designated ‘international day’. For example, a mortgage broker could target International Women’s Day, which is held on March 8 every year, with a message like:


“Happy International Women’s Day. We are proud to be associated with so many powerful and financially independent women.

“We look forward to helping you get your next home loan or refinancing your existing one.”


Or a real estate agent with an energy-efficient property could use World Environment Day, which is always held on June 5, as a hook. For example:


“Happy World Environment day. At XYZ Real Estate, we look forward to all homes being energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, as I’m sure you do too. 

“This particular property has a head start – it comes with solar heating installed.”


Perhaps you recall businesses running marketing campaigns or posting blogs based on those prominent international days. 

But did you know there are literally hundreds of these international days – many of which are obscure, but all of which offer potential marketing pretexts?


Here are a few examples:

  • Real estate agents could target Take Down the Christmas Tree Day on 6 January to remind sellers to take down their Christmas decorations 
  • Financial planners could target Laugh & Get Rich Day on 8 February to remind clients if they start investing early, they can one day get rich 
  • Mortgage brokers could target National I Want You To Be Happy Day on 3 March by reminding clients their goal is to always make their clients happy – not just once a year 
  • Accountants could target National Fun at Work Day in April just to counter the stereotypes people have of accountants (remember to send photos) 
  • Credit repair agencies could target Write a Review Day on 3 May and invite their clients to review their services – or use the day to brag about the great reviews they’ve received 
  • Lenders could target National Take Your Dog to Work Day in June to remind clients they have a human side and are approachable (don’t forget the photos) 
  • Buyer’s agents could target Get to Know your Customer Day on October 20 by telling clients every day is get-to-know-your-client-day for them – it’s their speciality


If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could target entire months. For example for Photo Month in May, you could send your clients a fun or quirky photo daily with a quote or positive message. You could include a call-to-action at the bottom of the email or social media posts to remind them of your services. 


To find your own day or month, click here and here.

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