Body language is said to represent more than half of the communication we do. So your mannerisms are really important when you’re dealing with existing and potential clients.

Business relationships are all about communication, as your small business marketing and sales efforts are about conveying information to your target audience.

So your small business shouldn’t overlook the importance of body language, alongside verbal and written communications. In other words, the way you use your face and body is just as important as the words you say.

You might be wondering, then: what message is my body language sending?

With that in mind, here are three things you can do to send positive non-verbal messages to your clients.

Stay attentive

Having a conversation involves sending and receiving information. So you need to mind your body language when speaking and listening.

To show your interest and attentiveness, consider these body language tips:

  • Make eye contact
  • Face the person speaking to you
  • Avoid crossing your legs or arms
  • Nod to acknowledge a point being made
  • Subtly mirror the speaker’s body language as much as possible

Use gestures

Gestures bring your words to life and keep your listeners engaged.

But you need to get your gestures right. Do too little and you might appear stiff or nervous; do too much and you might appear fake and unreliable.

Find ways to connect

Successful communication is all about building relationships with people who might become clients of your small business or referral partners. Some tips include:

  • Give confident handshakes
  • Remove unnecessary barriers
  • Smile

Being mindful of your body language is an important life skill that will help you impress the people you meet and grow your small business.

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