Despite being just a few months old, a small business in north Queensland is already scoring wins with its social media marketing.

Agrigardens, which provides quality farming and animal care equipment and tools, has been trying different ways to attract customers through social media.

“Since starting our business in August 2019, the most successful method of advertising our products was by placing a couple of free Facebook Marketplace ads,” says managing director Jason Hughes.

“We advertised our products just after we had some heavy rain following a lengthy drought. We provided a solution to a problem at the right time and at a competitive price.”

The result? Agrigardens sold over $6,000 worth of products in five days, without paying a cent in marketing costs.

Social media marketing can be hard

Agrigardens has found two ways to please its customers: it keeps its overheads low, so it can pass on the savings to customers, and it offers free delivery within the local area.

When it comes to marketing, this Queensland small business focuses on social media:

  • Facebook Posts
  • Instagram posts
  • YouTube videos
  • Facebook ads
  • Facebook Marketplace ads

While social media has provided Agrigardens with its biggest marketing success, Jason says it has also caused the biggest marketing headache.

“We have spent a small fortune on social media experts, and most of the ads that we have paid them to set up have not made enough sales to cover the cost of setting up and running the ads,” he says. 

Jason also believes that Agrigardens needs to lift its game on Instagram.

“Instagram is becoming more popular than Facebook. I need to learn how to market better on Instagram and get more followers and subscribers to our Instagram page,” he says.