Content is king, but it doesn’t necessarily have to mean written content. 

While a well-crafted editorial strategy is a great way to skyrocket your SEO, increase brand awareness and ultimately get you valuable leads and sales – video content can grant you all that and more.

With video marketing, you’re trying to capture a space in your audience’s heart with content that is interesting and resonates with them. 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI. 

These videos can then be edited for upload on all your channels, not just YouTube alone. 

In our click-and-go age, there’s certainly no shortage of demand for rich, memorable content. 

Is video marketing really worth it?


Granted, producing marketing videos may call for a little more effort and a slightly larger budget.

Then again, we all know that humans are visual creatures. We tend to respond better to (and better recall!) video content compared to written content.

Major benefits you can expect from implementing a video marketing strategy:

  • More social sharing 
  • Help audiences better understand an idea/product/service
  • Bump up brand awareness

Types of video content explained

It’s best not to be overly rigid with the format of your video. You’ll only lose that warm personal touch. 

Pinpoint your message, then think of the most suitable way to deliver it. Below are a few types of video content that may inspire you.

  • How-to videos and tutorials
  • Customer testimonials 
  • Behind the scenes
  • Interviews with KOLs in your field
  • Webinars and online courses
  • Live videos on social media

With video marketing, it all boils down to one thing

Steer clear of the thinly disguised sales pitch and the visually appealing hard sell. 

The best video content provides value to the viewer. It doesn’t rush to sell nor hurry to promote. 

Yes, while that may be your end goal – let the ROI come to your small business naturally! Have faith that your viewers will ultimately be pulled towards your services. 

A lot of work goes into video marketing. If you need some weight taken off your small business’ shoulders, you can outsource your content marketing to us at Hunter and Scribe! Contact us at [email protected]