Have you ever regretted not buying something when you had the chance? A pair of shoes on sale? A unique piece of art? Why didn’t you take the final step? 

Research has proven that a well-crafted ‘call to action button’ can yield several positive results for small businesses. This includes improved sales, increased newsletter signups, and better relationships with your customers. 

It’s all about having an effective website content strategy

A well-crafted website helps to establish your authority, builds your relationship with your customers, and eventually leads them to a place where they want to purchase your service or product.

This is where it’s critical to get the final step right! 

Don’t let your customers get cold feet. Encourage them to take action immediately, and then blow them away with your fantastic offerings. The best way to do this is with an effective call to action. 

What exactly does an effective call to action include?

A call to action is a short sentence, clearly displayed on your website that encourages customers to take this most important step. This is usually displayed as a high-contrast button, towards the bottom of your website. 

What does an effective call to action look like? 

  • It needs to be relatively short, targeted, and clear. Eg: Create my account & get started
  • It should include a verb that encourages the customer to do something specific. Eg: Get accommodation pricing & availability!
  • Try to include the expected result of the action. Eg: Join the wellness club today & get the workout schedule FREE
  • If possible, work in a time limit. Eg: Sign me up to receive my free ebook NOW!

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