For most small businesses, their website is usually their most important marketing tool.

So generating even a 5% increase in your traffic could generate a significant increase in sales.

With that in mind, here are eight proven ways to drive more traffic to your small business website.

Use social media

Post engaging and interesting content on your social media channels, then link back to your website to encourage people to visit it.

Optimise your website for search engines

Make your website Google-friendly by regularly posting new content and using the right keywords.

Use business cards

Make sure your business card has your website’s URL – and then hand out cards left, right and centre.

Advertise in print media

Magazine and newspaper ads can drive a surprising amount of traffic to your website, because most people will have their phone with them when they read.

Engage with industry experts

Ask industry experts to write guest blogs on your site, or interview them for articles you write yourself. Once the articles are published, you share them with the experts – who will then publish the articles on their websites and social media channels.

Create a Google My Business account

When you’re registered on Google My Business, details about your company such as industry and location will show up in Google searches and link back to your website.

Get included on business listings

Get your small business included on the business listings of your suburb or town. This is a simple marketing trick that will make your small business website more visible.

Make your website mobile-responsive

Google favours mobile-friendly websites in its search results, so if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, get it fixed.

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