Guerilla marketing is marketing that involves unconventional, ultra-cheap marketing tactics.

It is an ideal form of small business marketing because it doesn’t require much money – only a hefty dose of creativity and imagination.

With that in mind, here are seven guerilla marketing ideas your small business might want to try.

The doctor’s office

Anytime you or your employees visit the doctor’s office, make sure to leave business cards in all the magazines in the waiting room.

Post-it notes

Wherever you go, carry a pad of vibrantly coloured post-it notes that contain your company branding. Then, stick those post-it notes in the most unusual places. 

Use fish bowls

Every time bars and restaurants collect business cards in a fish bowl for some type of competition, ask the owner about giving you the losing cards. This tactic allows you access to a whole new bunch of contacts who could become customers. 

Offer free marketing

Start a competition or challenge where the winner gets free marketing space on your website. This is a contest that won’t cost you a cent, but which could significantly increase your brand reach. This guerilla marketing idea is valuable for others, free for you, and increases the exposure of your website.

Give away free branded merchandise

Every time you visit your hairdresser/barber, leave some free company branded merchandise. Word will spread about this crazy person who is always giving away free stuff. In turn, more people will get to know about you and your business.

Library business cards

Leave business cards in library books related to your business. It is a great way to make your small business known to people researching relevant information. 

Cast a wall image

After getting the required permission, cast an attractive wall image advertising your small business overnight on a busy street. 

For a guerilla marketing idea to be successful, it must be creative and well-executed. Otherwise, it can crash and burn. 

Guerilla marketing tactics are gutsy, so take a deep breath before you take the plunge. Remember, though, that while the downside might be a little embarrassment, the upside could be a whole lot of new clients.

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