The best way to grow your small business is to get your existing customers to keep coming back for more.

But how?

That’s where customer retention comes in. Your small business should keep marketing to those customers, to remind them you exist and keep giving them reasons to spend more money with you.

Customer retention offers several big benefits:

  • It’s easier to win new business from old customers
  • It’s cheaper to win new business from old customers
  • Old customers spend more money on average than new customers
  • Old customers are more likely to provide referrals than new customers

So here are five ways your small business can boost its customer retention:

  • Onboard them – give your customers an account after their first purchase so they know future purchases will proceed more smoothly
  • Reward loyalty – set up loyalty programs to incentivise repeat business
  • Set expectations – don’t leave your customers guessing what you stand for
  • Offer support – make it easy for customers to ask for and receive help
  • Be attentive – listen to feedback and show proof that you’ve responded accordingly

Bonus customer retention strategy

Content marketing is another great customer retention strategy. 

You can use newsletters, EDMs (electronic direct mail) and social media posts to share interesting, relevant information with your existing customers.

Done right, content marketing will allow your small business to strengthen the relationships it has with its customers and to keep itself front of mind.

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