People trust reviews and your business needs social proof. In the context of small business marketing, this means there is proof that someone has purchased what you are providing and has found value in it.

Social proof inspires trust and can give you that X-Factor over your competition. It is free marketing, and it is generated by your customers. Your job is to collect reliable and authentic reviews and use them to your advantage.

Here are 5 ways to use reviews for your small business:

  1. Use reviews on your quotes

When sending a quote to a potential customer, placing an enthusiastic review on it could give them that extra push to use your product or services.

  1. Place reviews on your website’s homepage

Update these reviews and keep them current, this will build consumer trust.

  1. Share reviews on your social media channels

Displaying relevant reviews on your social media channels will increase your credibility.

  1. Use reviews in emails

Consumers need their minds to be changed or an idea to be confirmed. Add a relevant review to every email you send out that showcases your dependability.

If you’re not using emails in your marketing strategy, click here for help in growing your email marketing list.

  1. Showcase reviews on your blog

Blogging is great for SEO, blog often about benefits and solutions to people’s problems. While you’re doing that, add customer reviews on the topic that communicate your integrity and reliability.

From a legal perspective:

  •       Get written permission from the reviewer to use the review.
  •       Always disclose your relationship with the reviewer.
  •       Make sure the content is accurate and truthful.

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