Are you feeling the squeeze? Small businesses around Australia are vying for attention in a crowded online marketplace. So, how can you make your brand win the marketing game? 

The answer is simple – market your brand properly on every platform your customers are on. Today, we’re going to focus on LinkedIn for small business marketing. Additionally, in this article, you will find tips on writing great Instagram captions, and you can learn more about using podcasts to market your small business here.  

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn was launched in 2003 as a platform for professional networking and a place where job seekers posted CVs and employers posted jobs. It is a popular social media platform for businesses and professionals to connect with others. 

Can LinkedIn help my small business grow?

Yes! There are over 660 million users, so if you aren’t networking on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on reaching millions of business-minded people who may need your product or service.

NB: LinkedIn may be for professionals, but it is not ONLY for professionals. You may not consider yourself a ‘professional,’ but if you offer a product or service that professionals need, you need to be marketing yourself on LinkedIn.  

5 Ways to improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy

  1. Share quality content regularly
    Noteworthy words: ‘Quality’ and ‘Regularly’
  2. Keep an eye on your competition
    … then use what you find and compete!
  3. Use relevant keywords
    In your page info and in your posts
  4. Keep your branding consistent
    Both on LinkedIn and between LinkedIn and other platforms
  5. Choose the words for your ‘About Us’ section carefully
    Remember, it’s not really about you but rather about your target audience. 

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