There are over 20 million active social media users in Australia, (almost 80% of the total population) – and nearly 4 billion worldwide. With a reach like that, it’s not surprising that social media has become one of the preferred forms of small business marketing. 

Of course, in order for it to work, you need to have an engaged and growing audience of fans and followers. Here’s how to make that happen!  

How your small business can benefit from social media

Firstly though, let’s take a look at what you stand to gain from investing in your social media groups. 

  • You can do it for free. While the option to go with paid advertising is there if you need it, social media is the perfect place to spread the word about your brand and raise awareness – at no cost to yourself. 
  • It covers just about every demographic. Social media has been around for long enough now that pretty much everyone (and their grandma) is using it. No matter who your target audience is, they’re almost certainly using social media on a regular basis. 
  • It’s great for customer service. Because it’s public, responding quickly and efficiently to customer questions and concerns on social media can be great for your brand image. Prospects can see for themselves that you take customer service seriously. 
  • It’s a conversation. Unlike any other form of marketing, social media isn’t just you talking at your audience. You’re encouraging them to talk back. 
  • Many people use social media a lot. As of 2021, the average person spends 145 minutes, or 2 hours and 25 minutes, on social media every day. That’s a sizeable window in which to reach them. 

Here’s how to get them hooked on your social groups.    

Tailor your content to each social platform 

Apart from choosing the social networks that best suit your brand and target audience, you should also tweak the content you post to the particular platform. 

For example, Twitter is great for rapid-fire news and instant updates, while Facebook is better for sharing longer stories, photo albums, etc. This helps your content align with users’ expectations, making them more likely to pay attention.     

Include visual content wherever possible 

Most people scroll through their social feeds pretty fast, and they’re likely to overlook a big chunk of text that seems like hard work. Photos and videos which tell a story are more likely to catch and hold their attention. Check out some tips on creating great video content for social media.    

Encourage tagging and sharing 

Sometimes, just asking your followers to spread the word is enough! If you post something cute or uplifting, for instance, suggest that your fans tag someone they know would appreciate it. This way people with similar interests to your current customers get exposed to your page.  

Take advantage of hashtags

Hashtags are an incredible tool for growing your audience because they allow you to reach out to anyone who finds a particular subject or trending topic interesting. Hopefully, they’ll find you interesting too! Find some tips on creating and using hashtags correctly here.  

Give people a reason to follow you 

Finally, make sure to always keep in mind the reason your audience is on social media in the first place. They’re there to be moved, educated or inspired, made to laugh – and sometimes cry – but most of all to be entertained with content that’s relevant to them. 

Try creating some funny memes of your own, sharing some touching stories, or running a contest to get people excited about what you have to offer. The best way to promote your brand will always be through memorable content.   

And that’s where our expert team of writers can help! 

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