Email marketing still has the highest ROI (return on investment) of any marketing channel. For that reason alone, sending out a regular email newsletter should be a central part of your small business marketing strategy. 

But do you know how to avoid some of the most common newsletter blunders? Find out here! 

Why send out email newsletters?

First though, what’s so great about emails anyway? 

Well, they’re a fantastic way to build relationships with your fans and customers, generate new leads, boost brand awareness, and increase engagement. 

Emails are also easy to personalise and segment when you want to precision-target your message. 

For all these reasons and more, building and growing your email list should be a top priority for small businesses in Australia and around the world.   

5 things not to do when you send out newsletters.

  1. Don’t send your mailers out manually

While sending out mass emails from your Gmail or Outlook might be free, there are lots of drawbacks. Firstly, it’s near impossible to get an accurate idea of how your emails perform. 

How many people actually opened them? How many clicks and forwards did you get? Which of your newsletters did best? To get these insights, you need a dedicated email service

  1. Don’t make it hard to unsubscribe

Making it a mission for subscribers to opt out isn’t just uncool – it can get you into a lot of trouble. We’re talking ‘being sued for thousands of dollars per unsolicited email’ kind of trouble if you violate the Australian Spam Act

  1. Don’t use a boring or misleading subject line 

Your email subject line should be catchy, enticing, and accurately describe what’s in the tin.     

  1. Don’t forget the call to action

Your subscriber just read through your whole email from top to bottom and they loved it! …now what? Always have an end goal in mind that aligns with your business objectives. 

  1. Don’t send monotonous or irrelevant content 

Do you like reading the same ‘news’ over and over again? Neither do your subscribers. Always try to offer something fresh, valuable, interesting, and actionable.

Ready to learn more? Find out about some common email marketing fails (and how to fix them). 

Or, if this all sounds like too much hassle, remember you can outsource your newsletter writing to Hunter & Scribe! Get in touch to find out more, and start sending emails your subscribers actually look forward to seeing in their inbox.