Every small business owner needs to have their “bag of tricks” to succeed. Competition is stiff and hard-fought-for, so we all have to engage in measures that give us an edge over our rivals. One of the most effective of these is your staff and team members. Keep them motivated and you’ll reap the benefits. 

Why it’s important to have engaged employees

We can’t overstate the importance of an engaged workforce for your small business! Not only are they the major source of your productivity, but happy staff lead to happy customers and a healthy bottom line. 

However, as a small business, it can be financially challenging to reward your staff with large bonuses. That’s why you’ve got to get creative and think of incentives that don’t cost the earth. Here are five great ways to do this: 


  • Offer flexibility. While cash might be king, more flexibility in work hours or locations comes a very close second. If it’s operationally possible, let them work from home a day or week, or offer them flexible hours.  
  • Recognise good performance. Recognition goes a long way to improve morale, whether that’s a heartfelt ‘thanks,’ a personalised award or even a small bonus. 
  • Provide opportunities for personal growth. Encourage career development opportunities such as training and coaching for all your team.
  • Create an environment that fosters excitement and fun. Add some positivity to people’s working environment through team bonding activities such as social outings and dress-up or down days. 
  • Encourage communication. If people feel their suggestions are listened to and acted upon, they feel part of the bigger whole and will be motivated.