Social media contests aren’t just fun and games. They serve a purpose, i.e. to grow followers, boost engagement, and drive traffic to your website. As a small business, you should be using this tactic in your social media marketing

Why social media contests are important in your marketing

Social media contests are a fun way to engage with your audience and reach more people. Who doesn’t like winning something, right? In this case, both you and your customer wins. By giving something, you also gain. You’ll expand your reach, attract new followers, acquire new leads and, possibly, convert new customers.

5 Social media contest ideas for small businesses

Social media contests can take the form of a raffle, giveaway, or a vote-to-win competition. The type of contest you run should be tied to an outcome. Here are 5 social media contest ideas, each designed to meet a specific objective.

1. Expand reach: Share, Like or Follow to enter

If reaching more people is your goal, ask contestants to like or follow your social media channel to enter. To increase your exposure, ask them to share the competition or tag a friend. 

2. Generate more leads: Subscribe to email list

A lot of people are wary of subscribing to lists. They may, however, be persuaded to if they stand a chance of winning an awesome prize. Once they’ve joined your list, you have some new leads to target. 

3. Create brand awareness: Share a photo or video

Contests are a great way to promote your brand. Ask contests to share a photo or video of themselves using your product. These types of contests work well on visual platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, or YouTube. It’s also an excellent way to boost engagement.

4. Build brand loyalty: Enter a sweepstakes 

If brand loyalty is what you’re after, then run a contest that rewards your customers. This can be a random-draw sweepstakes or raffle. All they have to do is enter to stand a chance to win. Simple and easy.  

5. Boost sales: Buy to enter

While it’s better to avoid being sales-driven in a contest, it is one way to boost sales or promote a new product. Make sure the prize is worth it, though. Some savvy customers may weigh the value of what they’re spending against what they win. 

Social media marketing can be so serious sometimes, with all the carefully curated content and metrics. Contests up the fun factor. For help with creating fun (and serious) social media content, reach out to Hunter & Scribe at [email protected]