Social media is a tough place for small businesses. Attracting followers and creating engagement can be difficult. Get the engagement part right, and your brand will benefit immensely.   

An engaging audience can boost your brand’s visibility, drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and convert customers. Fifty-two per cent of social media marketers say that social media has positively influenced their company’s revenue.

If your social media isn’t gaining traction, it’s time to assess where you’re going wrong. 

5 reasons people are not engaging with your social media posts

1. Your posts don’t resonate with your audience

So much of marketing depends on how well you know your audience. If you don’t understand your audience, you can’t successfully market to them. The same applies to social media. If your posts are not relevant to your audience, they won’t interact with it.

2. It doesn’t offer value

Once you know your audience, you’ll be able to create content of more value to them. This could be educational or helpful content that solves a problem, motivational or aspirational content that inspires, or promotions and special offers.  

3. It’s not visually appealing

It’s been proven over and over that visual content performs better online. Content that contains visuals or videos receives up to 94% more views. On Twitter, tweets with images receive 35% more retweets and videos receive 28% more retweets.  

4. You’re not encouraging engagement

If you want more engagement, encourage it by: 

  • Asking a question.
  • Posting a poll or survey.
  • Running a competition.
  • Asking your audience for their opinion on your brand, product, or even a new logo design.

5. You’re playing it too safe

There’s nothing that stirs up debate faster than controversy. Most brands shy away from this for fear of alienating their audience. But when done strategically, this can work in your favour. Identify issues that your brand can support and don’t be afraid to take a strong approach on it. 

Strong content increases engagement

Creating good content is the first step to improving social media engagement. If you’re receiving a dismal response to your social media posts, perhaps you need a social media fairy to transform it. If fairies are in short supply, Hunter & Scribe’s team of copywriters are experts at creating social media magic. Drop us a line at [email protected]