You’ve taken the plunge and invested in a website for your small business marketing. Well done! You’re halfway there. Your next step is to keep the website up to date with content that adds value to site visitors.  

Why every small business needs a website 

Imagine trying to catch fish without a net or hook. It will be difficult, if not impossible. You may get lucky. One might jump into your hands – but honestly, what are the chances? Doing business without a website means your chance of netting or hooking clients is about as slim as a fish jumping into your hands. 

Prospective customers expect you to have a website. How else can they find out more about you and your products? Social Media? With the ever-changing algorithms, relying on your social media accounts to provide a steady stream of leads is as whimsical as hoping for that fish to jump into your lap. 

5 mistakes small businesses make with their website’s content

To maximise your website’s potential, avoid these common content mistakes: 

  1. Don’t post what you want to say; post what your audience wants to read.
    Make it less about you and more about them.
  2. Don’t post content without a call to action.
    Every post should invite your visitor to take another step closer.  
  3. Don’t post content without a grand plan. 
    Establish a content marketing plan and align all your content with that.  
  4. Don’t post just anything for the sake of posting.
    For inspiration on how to keep your content fresh, read this blog
  5. Don’t use jargon or formal language.
    A conversational tone invites familiarity, and you want your site visitors to trust you. 

If your small business’s success depends on catching that fish, Hunter & Scribe can help bait your hook. Email us at [email protected]