If you want your message to reach the eyes of potential clients for long enough to grab their hearts, you need to stop making these mistakes in your written communications right now. 

Avoid these mistakes 

  1. You only talk about yourself.
    Every product or service that you offer meets a need. Instead of marketing your product or service, tell people that you are aware of their needs, and provide a solution to their problem.
  2. You think communicating is one-way.
    Effective communication is a two-way street. Listen more and speak less – that’s why we have two ears and only one mouth.  
  3. You don’t have a communication strategy.
    – Don’t simply send out communication for the sake of being seen. All of your messages, from emails to social media posts, must tell the same story at the same time.
    – Analyse the reactions that your communications receive and keep a marketing journal. This will help you identify patterns and trends and make adjustments as necessary. 
  4. Your communications aren’t fun to read.
    People get bored quickly. Don’t make your communications lengthy or full of industry jargon. Read this article about how to make your emails stand out. People gravitate to where they feel comfortable, not confused. 
  5. Your communication contains errors.
    This is the easiest mistake to stop making, but it is often overlooked. Proofread your stuff before you send it out. Typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors make you look unprofessional. 

Before sending any communication, ask these related questions:

  • Does this communication add value to my client’s life?
  • Am I answering a question?
  • What is my motive and objective for sending this?
  • Is this attractive?
  • Is it error-free? 

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