For any small business, lead magnets are a clever way to reach potential customers.

Lead magnets are marketing tools in the form of valuable resources – like white papers, ebooks, templates – that a small business can exchange for a potential customer’s contact information.

Effective lead magnets turn leads into clients.

Before creating a lead magnet ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is it appropriate for my business? 
  • Is it valuable and what type of value does it offer? 
  • Does it solve a problem? 
  • Does it demonstrate expertise? 
  • Is it specific and quick to digest? 

If you can’t answer yes to at least some of these questions, you will struggle to create effective lead magnets. Here are a few ideas for a start.


A template should help potential customers head towards their own goals. A great template gets ideas moving. It offers a starting point, and all the user needs to do is fill in the blanks. For example, a fitness company can create a template for planning meals.


A checklist is a simple but powerful lead magnet. It provides potential customers with a clear path and gameplan. 

Checklists are often easy to create but they should also be easy for readers to understand. For example, a plumber can create a checklist to help home owners prepare for renovations. This helps the owner protect their property, while keeping the plumber at the front of their mind in case they need help.


Tutorials should share knowledge or teach a specific skill. They can be in the form of PDF files, video tutorials or in audio format. They should also be short, because long tutorials can be overwhelming.


You can go more in-depth with eBooks, although it’s important not to vomit out content for the sake of it.

Diagrams, images or other visual elements make eBooks more interesting and engaging for the reader. They should also be written in simple language which is easily scannable and digestible. And when promoting your eBook, clearly communicate the benefits a reader can expect from it.

Free consultations

Consultations allow you to quickly demonstrate your expertise to potential clients.

For consultations to be effective, you must be very helpful and avoid hard-sells. If your focus is on helping the client, you will come across as trustworthy and the client will be encouraged to want to work with you.

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