In the Star Wars franchise, Luke Skywalker is the quintessential Jedi. However, despite his great skill, he still had to learn from Jedi masters who had come before – first, Obi-Wan Kenobi, then Yoda. It’s just the way of the world; you have to learn at the feet of proven masters.

Running a thriving small business is a result of dedication, hard work and insight. While the first two are things you can push yourself to do, learning demands that you venture outside your own sphere of knowledge. No one knows it all, and everybody knows something.

The following business blogs are written by great thinkers and entrepreneurs. For the small business owner looking to make the leap forward, these blogs will give you the push needed to get to the next level.

Seth’s Blog

Motivational speaker, best-selling author and teacher – Seth Godin is all these and more. A revered veteran in the marketing world, Seth Godin has taught people the tricks (obvious and subtle) to mastering both marketing and business. The blog is jam-packed with content – brief and to the point – to help you build yourself as both a businessperson and a human.

The Negotiation Edge

Run by the Black Swan Group, The Negotiation Edge delivers all the intricacies and secrets to negotiating for success. Written by a team headed by former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss, The Negotiation Edge teaches you how to get what you want. Learning the art of negotiating, even in high-risk situations, is a skill that will help you make sales and manage employees.

Jim’s Marketing Blog

Jim Connolly targets small business owners looking for fact-based strategies to make their businesses profitable. Jim’s Marketing Blog provides the perfect blend of practical marketing advice and insights to help your business take a giant leap into profitability.

Smart Passive Income Blog

Pat Flynn describes himself as the “crash test dummy of online business”, and reading his blog (he has a podcast too) there is no doubting that moniker. Pat is a jack of many trades, and with his methods (which he is always happy to share) he is the master of almost all. Smart Passive Income Blog is an inspiring look at what perseverance and novel ideas can grow into.

Michael Hyatt’s Blog

Learn how to start winning right as you get up in the morning, and carry that energy into your place of business. For small business owners and managers who want to become the best versions of themselves and create thriving businesses, the New York Times best-selling author is a treasure trove of content.

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