“I think Smithers picked me because of my motivational skills. Everyone says they have to work a lot harder when I’m around” – Homer Simpson.

What happens when we laugh?

Other than the fact that our mental load feels lighter, and tension is released, producing pockets of humour in your small business marketing will help you and your customers in these 5 ways:

  1. It relieves stress

Making people laugh decreases their stress, psychologically this is helpful; Using humour in your marketing will get people thinking positively about your small business. 

Laughter is medicine but avoid sarcasm, it could backfire. 

  1. It motivates people

Laughter makes people feel good. When people feel good, it motivates them to want a relationship with you.

Be conscious of the fact that badly timed jokes can cause a PR nightmare. 

  1. It is relatable and engages your audience

People laugh at something because they relate to it. It builds trust and draws them to you by showing the human element of your small business. Marketing with humour attracts attention, engages people, and encourages them to respond.

Try not to be offensive in your humour, you want to be inclusive. 

  1. It helps with higher recall

People remember things they find amusing and they want to pass it on to others who they think will also find it entertaining.

Be aware that it can become too much – humorous touches add value. 

  1. It makes you stand out from your competitors

Using humour in marketing differentiates your brand from competitors. Clever, humorous marketing that matches your brand content, will make you stand out from all the clutter. 

Be careful of using the single “funny ad” instead of a planned, consistent marketing strategy.

If you want to become more relatable to your potential customers and need help on how and when to use humour in your small business marketing, contact Hunter & Scribe at [email protected]