As you represent your small business better than anyone else, building a strong personal brand is a must when it comes to marketing. One of the best social media platforms to do that is LinkedIn. Posting helpful, interesting and relevant content will increase your exposure to potential leads while also establishing you as a thought leader.  What’s not to like? 

Here are four ways to help you build a strong personal brand on the platform: 

Don’t sell, sell, sell 

Ask yourself: would you rather follow a person that is abundantly self-promoting, or would you rather opt for someone that offers intrinsic value?

Creating content that is fun to read, interesting and adds value will help users engage with your posts. This, in turn, increases its shareability. 

Engage with your peers

The best way to grow a following is by reaching out. React to other users’ posts that are relevant to your own brand, comment and share. Doing this makes you more visible, and more people are likely to engage with you in turn.

The more users that engage with your posts, the better visibility you’ll enjoy.

Stand out from the crowd

The modern world is inundated with information and users are more likely to look at a picture than to read through a chunk of text. Create colourful and engaging infographics or use pictures with people in them for less text-heavy posts. 

Video content is another fantastic way of engaging with your audience, but remember that the same rules apply to video as to other types of content – keep it consistent, concise and compelling. 

Be consistent

LinkedIn has built-in algorithms that rewards pages that post regularly, so keep it consistent. You won’t build your brand by only posting every other week, you need regular content to keep your brand top-of-mind for your audience. 

Still worried that you won’t get it right?

We get it. Small business owners hardly have time to eat and sleep without having to worry about small business marketing. But building a strong personal brand on a powerful professional platform like LinkedIn can help you gain customers or clients, grow your influence and thereby your business. 

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