If you’ve tried your hand at improving your small business marketing but to no avail – you might want to look a little shallower. 

Turns out, the overall customer experience may overtake price and product as key brand differentiators. And one of the most important facets of customer experience? You got it – user experience. 

User experience or UX is how your customers are interacting with your brand, service and products – usually online.

Mobile-friendliness aside (that should be common sense, really!), check out these 6 actionable tips you can implement right now to give your customers the user experience they deserve.

The faster your page load time, the better

Think UX, think page speed. Your customers are creatures of impatience – just a 5-second delay can risk you losing 37% of visitors to your site. 

Perform a page load speed audit to check your speed. If it takes too long, reduce the size of your images and use simple web-friendly fonts like Arial and Verdana.

Let your users breathe with white space

You want your site to look good, but that doesn’t have to mean colours, images and clutter galore. 

A lot of the time, simple is best. Use your brand colours smartly in areas like buttons and headers, but keep the majority of the site white for some visual breathing room.

No huge walls of text, please!

When writing articles, break up your info into tables and bullet lists where applicable. It’s also smart to utilise sub-headers and add space after every few sentences or so (as we do with our articles). 

This not only makes the info you’re providing easily digestible (and therefore valuable) but also helps search engines read your site. 

Take it easy on the pop-ups

No customer wants to hop on your page with an intent to leisurely explore, only to be bombarded with 3 chatbot messages, 2 survey forms, an opt-in form and then 6 exit pop-ups. 

Have faith in your content, services or product, and only use pop-ups if they can provide value for your customers in some way like a 20% off discount code. 

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