We’ve all seen marketing campaigns on social media sites; some even have their own tools for creating ads so you can market your small business online.

Digital marketing is all the rage.

But what about print marketing? Is it still relevant?

Should small business owners still invest in old-school marketing materials like flyers, catalogues, brochures, business cards and stickers? 

Here’s why print marketing still works

The short answer is yes.

Small businesses should still invest in print marketing, because good print marketing still generates sales. Here are four reasons why.

First, now that every man and his dog has gone digital, small business owners have far less competition trying to get consumers to pay attention to their print marketing.

Second, tangible print items have a much better chance of grabbing (and holding) people’s attention than a pop-up ad they see when they open a webpage.

Third, print ads are more memorable. With print material, people can touch it, read it, place it on a table and return to it over and over again. Online ads, by contrast, are immediately discarded.

Fourth, because print marketing is tangible, it’s more trustworthy than digital marketing, and therefore it generates more sales.

Clever small businesses are seizing this opportunity

Print marketing remains an effective form of small business marketing – provided it features attractive design and clever copy.

Poorly designed marketing will never work, whether it’s print or digital. Quality is essential.

As big companies run toward digital marketing, new opportunities in the form of traditional print marketing for small business are opening back up.

Clever small businesses are seizing this opportunity.

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