Whether you are one of Australia’s newest small business entrepreneurs or if you’ve been around for a while, social media needs to be at the heart and soul of your marketing. In today’s world, it’s critical for your small business’ success.  

For most of your customers, social media will be their first impression of you. So, if you’ve been failing in your social media marketing, then you’ve probably been committing one of these common mistakes.

Having no strategy

Social media is far more involved than simply posting pictures. It’s your face to the world and having a digital ‘bad hair day’ can linger around for a long time. Your business’ strategy must be multifaceted and multiplatform. You need to speak to your audience when and where they are listening. Having a presence across all platforms and treating each one individually is like diversifying your investment portfolio. Viewers use specific platforms for a reason, target that reason.

Ignoring your metrics

All platforms provide businesses with essential data so that you can evaluate virtually every dimension of your digital identity. These metrics can be very powerful if understood and used correctly. Know what they are (such as the difference between impression and reach) then learn to leverage them (how many unique viewers could be potential clients).

Forgetting who your customer is

Social media profiles are for the entire world to see, but you don’t need the entire world. Learn to focus on and drive to the exact same people who would enter your business if they were simply walking by. Your social media viewers are your current and future clients. Understanding who they are and how to point your social media marketing in their direction is critical. 

Not engaging

Your social media must have the same personality as your business does. Your clients must envision your business when interacting with your profiles. Customer service is everything, and effective social media provides you with the ability to expose potential clients to your quality of service. Using social media as an element of your customer service approach is necessary, understanding how to do it properly is essential. It’s easier to speak in the proper tone than it is to write in it, but that is what you need to do.

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