Digital marketing can be a tricky field to navigate for budding small businesses. It can be hard to know where to spend your dollar for maximum amounts of gain. Take Instagram, Facebook’s younger sibling which introduced paid ads on the platform in 2015. 

Instagram’s stats are certainly impressive:

  • It has over 1 billion monthly active users with 9 million of those in Australia. 
  • 2 million business advertise on Instagram every month, generating the company $20billion in revenue in 2019. 

So does this mean your small business should consider advertising on Instagram? Well, it depends if your customers hang out there. 

71% of Instagram’s users are under the age of 35. So if your customer demographic is older than that, the answer is a likely no. Furthermore, while Instagram works well for certain industries like real estate, clothing, interiors, food and travel – it might not work as well for you if you run an accountancy firm. 

So what three things do you need to know about advertising on Instagram? 

  1. Any old poster won’t do. Instagram is a colourful, visual platform. Likewise, your ad must be creative too. Make use of all the platform has to offer. Videos (ideally subtitled!) work great, or get fancy and make it into a carousel. This is one platform where being bold and visually stunning will do you wonders. 
  2. Pay attention to the targeting. Before crafting your ad, you should already know who your target audience is. Right before posting, you’re able to customise your target audience based on almost everything under the sun – gender, age, location, demographics, interest and more. Make full use of the system’s powerful targeting ability. 
  3. Advertising alone isn’t enough. Unlike other forms of advertisement, you may not be able to direct prospects straight to your website or careline. Instead, the first thing they see after your ad will be your Instagram profile. This is where you might need to fork out a little more effort in building your business’s profile before launching any ad campaigns.

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