You only have three seconds to create a good impression when you meet someone in person. The same goes for your online brand!

This is why an effective marketing strategy includes simple, informative content that strategically builds a trusted relationship, and effortlessly steers the customer towards a final sale. 

Here are 3 key reasons you need SIMPLE content: 

  1. Answer me! 

When potential customers search online, they are looking for immediate answers. 

Whether you’re based in Australia or abroad, your content should be crafted around your customers’ needs. Your brand needs to pop up, capture their attention, get to the point, and offer solutions before they lose interest.

You can use emotion to bring them in and keep them interested.

  1. Impress me!

Once you’ve captured the customer’s attention, you need to impress them. This doesn’t mean telling them at length about the history of your company. 

What they want to know is: 

  • Do you have what they are looking for?
  • Is it a quality product/service?
  • How much will it cost them?
  • How quickly can they access it?

Impress them by giving them all the information they need to make an informed decision without wasting their time. 

  1. Nurture me! 

You’ve grabbed the customer’s attention, promised them a great product/service, and steered them towards the final sale. 

NOW: Make sure the purchasing procedure is simple, clear, and continues to nurture the relationship until they receive the product/service, and beyond. 

  • If they require a quote, make sure to let them know when to expect a response: “thank you for your query, we will get back to you within 24 hours”
  • If the product is shipped, be clear about the delivery date and shipping costs

While fewer words are far more effective for online marketing, there’s a lot of skill and strategy behind choosing the RIGHT words. 

Check out these 3 examples of content marketing done right

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