Yes, keywords are important. They are so important that without the knowledge on how to effectively use them, any content marketing strategy can fall flat.

However, keywords only come second in the race for the most important aspect of good content marketing. The first place is taken by your customers. And here are three reasons why this is true:

  1. Customers Drive Keywords

If you don’t know your customers, you won’t know which keywords to use. It is much better to speak directly to a specific demographic than to try and speak to everyone. 

Not everyone will be interested in your product and by keyword-stuffing your content to appease everyone, you’ll lose track of your real customers.

  1. Customer Engagement Builds a Business

Using enough keywords in an article will see your page rankings climb and you may get a lot of visitors to your site. However, unless these visitors are truly interested in your content, and would like to either share, comment, or buy, the traffic is virtually useless.

You need to target your customers directly and create content specifically for your them to generate the most engagement and in so doing build your business.

  1. Keywords for the Sake of Keywords Hurt Your Rankings

If you keyword-stuff content to boost rankings and click-throughs, you may hurt your domain’s reputation. If a person types something into Google and your page pops up, but within a few seconds of scanning the article they realise that it doesn’t answer their question, they’ll leave.

This action hurts your rankings due to the high bounce rate, and this is the exact opposite effect you want your content marketing to have.

Using keywords in content is a smart marketing move for any small business, but it needs to be aimed at a specific type of customer in order to have any real impact. Still unsure? Outsource your content marketing to the gurus at Hunter & Scribe and see your brand go from strength to strength. Contact [email protected]