We’ve covered a lot about content marketing in the past. After all, when it comes to content marketing for small businesses in Australia, we’re the experts! But for those of you that don’t know what content marketing is, here’s a definition: 

Content marketing is all about creating, publishing and distributing content to your business’s specific target audience. 

What content exactly, you ask?

It’s up to you, really! Think blogs like this one, videos, email campaigns or even just social media posts.

Why are marketers spending money on content marketing?

A successful content marketing strategy is highly-personalised and highly-valuable for your audience. These will help to:

  • Boost brand awareness and visibility
  • Establish you as an industry leader in your niche
  • Drive more traffic to your business 

Stop shooting blindly – use these 3 content marketing goals that matter.

1.  Lead generation

Per dollar spent, content marketing generates approximately 3x as many leads as traditional marketing – and for 62% less cost. With this goal in mind, you might find lead magnets helpful. Lead magnets are content that you can promote to customers in exchange for their email address or other info. Do note though, that a significant proportion of leads garnered this way may not be high-quality leads. 

KPIs to track: Conversion rates, qualified leads 

2. Brand awareness

Content marketing and brand awareness go hand in hand. Here’s the thing though, brand awareness by itself may be too vague a goal. So what’s a brand-new business to do? Tie it down to a specific business outcome and boil it down to measurable metrics!

KPIs to track: Follower growth, social media engagement, web traffic growth 

3. Customer engagement

Great content like Instagram stories are fantastic ways to keep your business on top of your customers’ minds. But how does one quantify customer engagement? It depends on your business. For instance, use email open rates and click-through rates if you’re newsletter heavy.

3. KPIs to track: Email open rates and CTR, return users frequency, social engagement such as likes and comments

A lot goes into a well thought out content marketing strategy, but good thing you can outsource it to our star team of marketers! Contact us at [email protected] to find out more.