Productivity and efficiency have never been more relevant. Especially after a global pandemic. 

In response to our craving for increased productivity and efficiency is a mushrooming of collaboration tools.

But warning! Too many tools may do your business more harm than good. Here, we’ve shortlisted three collaboration tools that are not only useful but budget-friendly too.

Why bother with collaboration tools in the first place?

As a small business owner, surely you’re not going to rely on your email for everything?

Choosing the right tools to facilitate connection with your team can help foster a more collaborative workplace (especially if your team is based remotely). 

Everyone is kept on the same page, no one is kept in the dark, and potentially detrimental errors can be mitigated.

3 budget-friendly tools you can use to connect with your team

For real-time document revision and cloud storage. You don’t need fancy software for better collaboration. Often, the simplest tools make the most difference. Google Drive is one of them. All documents can be uploaded on a shared drive and instantly accessed by anyone you share it to. Even better, changes to documents and spreadsheets can be seen in real-time. Instead of emailing back and forth, teammates can easily view comments and edits in real-time!

For smoother project management. Project management is a tough cookie to handle, especially when your teammates are all based in different countries. Keep everyone on track and up to date with Trello, the infamous project management tool.

When’s the deadline again? What needs to be completed this week? What have we accomplished last week? View it all on Trello.

For better instant messaging. Slack is primarily a workplace instant messaging tool. Teammates can create new discussions according to their needs, and swiftly message everyone across the board. For teams where instant collaboration is crucial, Slack can help to drastically cut down time waiting for replies from other parties.

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